My World in School…

My world in school is going smoothly. In fact, I just finished my Economics class after five weeks of frustration. It was a fine five weeks. I passsed my class with a B- and I could not ask for me after giving all of my effort and doing my best on days that seemed all goofy, wrong, and strange. I am pulling an 3.33 GPA right now and I am very happy with that. My next class is Financial Accounting 1 so I begin my Accounting classes in two weeks. Right now I am on a two week break and glad for this break. I worked so hard in this Economics class that my heart is still in my throat with surprise and awe. I personally did not think that I was going to even get the B- I did receive. I was personally expecting a D or C but I proved myself wrong and I won the frurstration battle I had for the past five weeks. I am a very happy camper indeed but still in awe. I do know that I should sleep well tonight- I hope anyway. The last couple of nights were pretty awknward for sleeping as I had a lot on my mind. I am definitely ok even though yesterday I was not too sure in the morning.

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