Hello everyone! All is fine and good here. I have been very busy as usual and believe it or not, I can not believe that it is March 31st. Just two days ago my mom had her 62nd birthday and my dad has his coming up, age 64 Wednesday, April 5th. I was not at my mom’s celebrating her birthday since she lives in New Mexico and I live in Wisconsin. I did remember to call and wish her a happy birthday — finding out hours later she was not home for the entire week anyway, lol, but she did get my message — at least I think so anyway, lol.

I have two more weeks of Financial Accounting 1 and believe it or not, I am surviving the class. I am just not that good with the quizzes and tests, but I will pass this course one way or another.

I have a doctor’s appointment (eye) today. I will be back later this afternoon. Bye for now.

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