Well, what I did is not anything to really brag about but I will be short and sweet. Anyway, I had written a note to a friend of mine, who just might not ever speak to me again, but honestly, this letter was a long time needed type of note. I had to tell my friend JJO that I was getting frustrated about her not bothering to pick up the telephone to find out if I am ok or not instead of asking other people who happen to be good friends of mine and hers all the time if I am mad at her or why I do not pick up the telephone myself to call her. I had stated to her many times, too many times, that if no one calls me, I do not call them and I had learned this from my sister-in-law. I even told JJO that I was confused about her dating someone who her good friends have bailed her from at least once in so many words and why is she seeing this guy again. I just had it and wrote a letter and read it to a couple of people before I sent it. I then blocked her email address in my email box so she can not email me back. I have did this because I want a call from her if she has a problem with me and stop going in circles about this and that. Anyway, the ball is finally out of my court and into JJO’s. I am done with her attitude and games and I have as of today walked away from her until I see improvement in her and see that she has grown up.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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