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So much has been going on for the past several weeks of my life that has been so good. I have, of course, run into snags from time to time, but those snags have been overpowered by the good things in life. I have passed my first Financial Accounting course with a C+ and now, almost a week later as of Tuesday, started my second Financial Accounting class and the first week seems to be proving to a very good one. But school is not the only thing that has been the best part of the past few weeks. Do you want to know? Ok, here it goes!

I have two best friends, MW and RC who are seeing each other after I introduced the two of them to each other a few weeks ago. I am so very happy for them and I am also excited about their relationship. I will have to write more later about this another day.

I do ohave to admit that I have been very busy and not writing in my journal as much as I wou;d of I was not real busy. I feel I have a life beyond my apartment and computer now. I have RC and his dog Molly, MW, RC’s girlfriend, and school, and family.

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  1. *~Kristi~*

    We understand that you’re busy! Many of us lead very busy lives! Its good to know that you are doing well and congrats on passing your class. Hope the second one works out just as well!


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