Good Night

I wish I could write more but I am so tired. I am going to go to bed shortly. I wanted to say good night to my DD friends quickly and say thanks to Alaina for her comment on the “I did it” entry I had written not too long ago. I have received a phone call from JJO the following day after she had screamed and hollered at me behind KW while KW was trying to talk to me but I did not except her call or intercept it at all – not even wanting to ever speak to her again. I had every right to write that letter to her because JJO had gotten me angry for the very last time and our friendship is no more and I intend not to ever have a relationship with her again. She has proven to still be a liar and unstable in emotions which I can no longer be a part of as I have my own emotions to deal with on a regular basis. I will write more!

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