A Long Time Hello to Everyone!

It has been since April 19th since I have had taken the time to write in my thoughts here at Dear Diary. I have been very busy and getting a lot of things done from week to week as far as class is concerned. I did finish my Accounting I class with a C+ and will be finishing my Accounting II class this next Monday (not today). I have exactly one week left and I am doing just fine in class.

In fact, at this time I am doing better than a C+ this class and I am somewhat surprised because of the fact that Accounting II is a little more difficult than Accounting I and it is going to get more difficult from this class onward through the rest of my accounting courses I still have to take. I was planning on working out this morning but plans changed last night changing the plans to this afternoon, but now I will not work out until tomorrow. It has been a long weekend for my friend RC. Tomorrow I plan on working out again. At least I work out every week 2 to 6 times a week, right? Yes, I am addicted to working out, lol.

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