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LOL, I figured it as much that the guy is a perfectionist. Honestly, I have run into many perfectionists but as bad as RA was. He is one of thosoe people who does not accept anything but “A” work and that is sad. I had written to my surrogate mom BQ in Washington State last night and had gotten a reply back from her this morning stating that C+ work is not bad and we all have our moments of not the best. I have, despite the fact that we have had one team member proving to be “not a team player” the feeling of success in this class. He has, unfortunate said to us girls in the team that he hopes that we will not cross paths agains and believe it or not, I feel the same way. He really dumped on us real bad and the professor for our class had shown and given us his sympathies. I just wished that with the attitude that RA had shared with us through the past five weeks would have been better. We did receive good marks for our team assignments but he just was one person with a bad attitude. I know we cross paths with such people all the time and I feel I have been hurt by him the most of all the teams I have been a part of at University of Phoenix in the past year and a half. I am so glad that I have a year and a half left to go before I am finished with school now. Just to give light on those thing, I am not going to give up on my schooling and my career because one man who has to be such a perfectionist and seems to not want anything not perfect in his life. I do not feel sorry for him – I am just going to pray for him and that is all I can do really. I am dealing with a lot of things in my own life but do care about other people’s lives – just the fact of being me can be so “dang” frustrating now-a-days. I am NOT receiving an A- so far in Accounting II for nothing, that’s for “darn” sure.

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