My Accounting II class will be over as of Monday. Boy…it has been a fine week this week for me. With the incident regarding a team member has boiled down to mere discussion among other students, I am able to go on with my days and do my best in what I can do. RA, the very man who seemed to have been a “not a team player” sort of guy, pretty much done with us girls in Accounting II, I am pretty much done with him as well in hopes that our paths do not cross again. I am no longer upset with him but I am surely still in reminder of what happened in class in front of the whole class in cyberspace. I am definitely looking forward to my next class which will be Business Law starting Tuesday morning for me. Then, after this class is over, which is Business Law, I will be on a two week break and on vacation to see family in PA. I have gotten this far in school and I intend to go further – to the final days and graduate with high marks, and get my degree and diploma from University of Phoenix.

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