Caught in a Tangled Web – A Mess That I Wish Not to Be a Part Of …

Last Tuesday, not three days ago, I have gotten into a fight with someone who I had considered a trustworthy friend, and along in the fight, punches were made, and I did not give the first blow. Ever since this fight, which some people call “fist-a-cuffs”. my friend and I made up this Monday, four days ago, but other things have conspired to all this that has been questionable. Yes, my friend and I were talking about each other to other people behind each other’s backs and I admit that I was wrong on my half and my partaking of the fight and what had resulted to afterwards. I feel I am involved in a tangled web that I wish not to be a part of at all since JS and I have made up and are on speaking terms. She has done things that have resulted to my questioning of being friends with her.

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