To Suffering Servant and Friends

Hello Friends – I just wanted to let you all know that I do apologize for being away for so long. I know that all of you understand that I am very busy with school and time does escape you more often than not when you are kept busy. I see that I have written on October 25, 2006 – just three days ago – and once again I am with a good friend of mine and we have gone to the library – still there actually. I am doing just fine. I have been going to my counseling appointments and doctor appointments, and better yet, I have not had a panic attack since October 12, 2006. I do not even remember if I even wrote that I had six panic attacks from October 2, 2006 thru October 12, 2006. Ever since October 12, 2006, I have had no panic attacks.

Today, in Wisconsin, even though the weather is chilly for the month of October, the sun is out and it is warm when you are not in the shady areas — the sun feel warm. Time to get ready to pull out the winter jackets, though. It is a little too chilly for my taste … muscles and joints just can not take it every single day of the winter months.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. Britani18 says:

    It sounds as if things have been busy for you as well. Me too, with working full time and going to school three days a week, I am busy myself. However, I enjoy it, it makes my life meaningful; have a great weekend.


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