Emilee’s Memorial Spot …

Today. as one of my projects, I put up a little memorial of my Emilee Marie Cuddles Karnopp. I got a pet memorial for her little memorial spot, but I still have to get that finished, yet. Her pet memorial looks like a grave site marker and it looks great! I miss Emilee very much but memories of her live forever inside of me in my heart. I even have her ashes now, as they were picked up yesterday afternoon, and believe me when I say that Emilee came back home in style. I wish I had more pictures of her growing up, but I don’t. I also have a sympathy card from Emilee’s veterinarian at her memorial site. Knowing that Emilee lived a long and happy life (16 1/2 years) with me, she will be greatly missed by this ol’ heart of mine. Oh…do I ever miss Emilee!!

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