Bing’s First Night in His New Home

I think Bing’s first night was in awe for both him and myself. Honestly, he explored every aspect of the apartment, found his litter box which I was most worried about, and he loved the idea of being held and loved for a long period of time. I have a Christmas up and decorated and he did not bother it at all last night. He did find his litter box, his food and water just fine. My friend JR and I got together and before we left to go get a bite to eat and celebrate Bing’s homecoming, even though Bing didn’t go with us, Bing went poopy potty in his litter box and it was a tad bit ripe, lol, but good and solid so I knew I had a very healthy little boy, even though he is over a year old. I will find out for sure in a couple of days at his first vet appointment since his adoption.

Anyway, last night was a wonderful night. It felt good to have something near me again while I lay in bed. Bing snuggled and cuddled with me last night. The only funny thing he did, which was a couple of times, he would roll over too far to the edge and he would roll onto the floor and land on his feet. What a boy. He was stunned for a minute but he collected his thoughts again and came back onto the bed next to me for the night.

I believe Bing’s first night was a very good night. I have a very well behaved cat. I wonder what it is going to be like once he finally gets used to the apartment and having me as his owner and this is his home now forever.

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