I Am So Glad

Another Church Day
Once again I attended church and saw my church members/family. The only thing that happened today was the fact that I attended church with my neighbors in Beloit, Wisconsin instead of the Janesville/Milton church. My friend PK could not attend church today in Janesville/Milton because she had to work so I made other arrangements to go to Beloit instead this weekend. Once again, like last weekend, I am so glad that I attended church and saw my church family. It also feels good to sit back and relax for a while and set aside my schoolwork for the time being and worry about myself and put school and homework aside for a few hours.

I do believe that I have been so wrapped up in wanting to do well and do my best in school/class that I personally lost my way temporarily that one day the Lord has made for us to set aside time to be with him! I also do agree with God, according to the Bible, that God has asked us to set a day aside to be with him as he has given us six days to do what we have to do those six days…hmmm?

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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