Did Have a Good Day …

A Good Day

Today has been a fine day today…JR came over for the early afternoon until she left to go to her parents to go out for “fish fry” tonight. My want to go outside and “play” did happen for a while but not for terribly long. I could not make a snowman as planned because the snow was no longer “packable” to make snowballs at this time. JR and I threw snowballs in the backyard of the building I live in and I had loads of fun being outside in the sunshine for a while. I did have a good day today…now with it being evening and I am looking forward to going to bed and sleeping a good night’s sleep for a change — after having three nights of not sleeping well.

Right now Bing is in the back room/bedroom sleeping on his favorite blanket/bed on the floor near his catnip scratching board – a cardboard box filled with catnip, and my friend JS is working on the computer (desktop).

I think I am going to say good night for now and come back another time tomorrow.

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