This Morning

My cleaning gal, LB came by today and was impressed with my housekeeping upkeep for the past two weeks. I do have to admit that I had gotten up early this morning to begin some of my housekeeping upkeep so when Lisa came, it was a short visit for her. We did get a lot done today when she arrived. We had taken trash out, swept the bathroom and kitchen floors as well as mopping the kitchen floor, vacuuming the living room and rug now placed in the hallway of my apartment. After that LB had left to go to another client’s apartment to help her clean her place. Oh yeah, LB also straightened out my CD and video shelf as it was a little in need of restacking items, lol. It looks great now. All of Bing’s toys are in the bedroom now so during the day he can play and sleep in the bedroom and have his space. Even my bed was made before LB stopped by to work as well as the dishes and cleaning of the kitchen counters. All is good in my housekeeping upkeep every week. It is a bummer that LB is not going to be here next Tuesday! Phooey! We need to attack the bedroom and go through some boxes my mom and her husband dropped off this past August 2006. I guess we will get to that sometime next month.

Counseling With PS This Afternoon

I had a counseling appointment with my counselor at Genesis Counseling Center this afternoon. My counselor PS and I talked about what I had learned on Sunday early afternoon, my educational goals, schooling/classes, and life in general. To give a little synopsis of what happened on Sunday (what I had found out), I had learned that my confiding my feelings to a friend, who is JS, was broken when I had learned that she had broken confidentiality to another tenant here at TM. At the time I had learned of what happened, my thoughts were racing on why did JS do what she did.

JS and I Are Okay

I was deeply hurt by what JS did … yes but JS and I are ok.

Evening Thoughts

I am getting tired now and it is 11:30 p.m.. I am going to bed shortly.

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