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Well my friends…last night I had learned that I had Osteoporosis. No fret though. It runs in the family and I take steroids that can cause Osteoporosis. Unfortunately I am just experiencing at an earlier age than most family members because of taking Prednisone and have for the past 20 years yet just about. I will be starting a medication called Actonel – one of the most popular medications advertized on television these days along with Boniva. At my age of 36, I never thought of having Osteoporosis, but I do … glad to be taking something to better it anyway. I do have this thought and question racing in my head right now… What’s next? LOL…

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  1. I’m sorry about you having Osteoporosis. My husband has it, and my mother had it, so I know something about it. My husband took a daily shot called Forteo for two years, and that helped him a lot. Now he is taking Actonel once a week to maintain his bones. Do take good care of yourself. Did the doctor tell you to get lots of calcium in your diet? That’s very important. I wish you the best, and hope your bones will get stronger.

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