To Suffering Servant

I would like to personally thank you for saying what you said in reply to my last entry here. Your words have touched my heart that my heart jumped a familiar beat of gratitude. Ever since my eye surgery on June 7th, it has been very difficult for me to tear and cry. Yes, my eyes tear normally, but my eyes ache to cry real hard and the doctor told me the reason why it is so is because my eyes are now strong again and the muscles have been placed in their proper place for me to be able to see straighter in both eyes. He also told me that it will feel strange for a while yet too. I can not wait until July 25, 2007 for another check up since the surgery, and I also can not wait until July 17, 2007 ecause I am going to get my eyes tested again to get new glasses. Anyway, with the situation that is at hand here…I would like to thank you personally for your prayers. This building needs a lot of prayer right now. It is the young versus the old around here and that makes me want to cry, scream, and holler at the top of my lungs the ache my heart feels. I have been taught to respect my elders and believe me, at the moment, my respect for my elders is very limited and very few now. I do not trust this neighbor anymore and I wish he would just leave me alone. He is probably going on with the baloney he is doing because he is getting a rise out of it and enjoying the fact that he is annoying me. I think that is wrong and stupid, and even downright cruel. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “To Suffering Servant”

  1. Annoy this neighbor by playing gospel music and gospel preaching about Jesus where he can hear it. Maybe this will do the trick.

    I will keep you in my prayers.

    God bless


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