Five days have passed here and I have not felt like writing in my journal because of the emotional turmoil I was dealing with the past few days have been the nasty culprit of my emotional downfall. Right now I feel so tired because I am a young woman who deals hormonal changes once a month but my hormones changing has not be the entire culprit of the what has bappened the past few days. I have been having difficulties with a specific neighbor who lives below saying that I am making excessive noise at wee hours of the morning when it reality it is not me and this very neighbor has been a big jerk and a big creep in telling other people that I am nothing but trouble and little witch but it reality I know the truth and I am not trouble to no one else in the building. This very neighbor, a man I have to admit, has been complaining and bickering about the slightest noises in the apartment building when people like us who care called tenants have every right to live our lives normally without the feeling of being threatened by creeps like my downstairs neighbor. As far as the excessive noise that is being made around here, I am being blamed for it and have been getting the brunt of it which I personally don’t think is totally fair but the problem at hand is being taken care of and handled and I am no longer going to have any fingers pointed at me because I am the teller of the truth. My neighbor below me and his so-called girlfriend have been causing trouble, not just to me, but to the manager herself and her husband. I just do not know what to think about this neighbor anymore when several of us have heard this neighbor say he does not like young people or animals. Why in the world is he living here if he does not like young people or animals when the tenants in this place have the right to have an animal. This very neighbor, a jerk as he is, and I wish I could just swear up and down at him without getting into trouble, also said that this apartment complex is nothing but a “damn” zoo. I personally believe that my neighbor is not human but a demon working for the darkside and with Satan. This man, please excuse my swearing at the moment, is a bastard and he needs to get a life and owe up to his crap that he has caused without getting away with it. If that man ever does anything to me that causes me to have to take matters in my own hands, I will call the police on this bastard to make sure he stays away from me for good. Forget the Young VS Old situation at hand right now. He does not belong here and I wish never befriend this bastard and trusted my heart with him. He is nothing but a human who is working for Satan, the darkside of life. BT needs to get a life and go live elsewhere…BASTARD!

With that said and my heart is still fluttering very fast from the ordeal that has been going on for a few days, I do have to admit that the past couple of days – the 3rd and the 4th — have been very emotional and problematic for me. It was my 37th birthday on the 3rd and it felt like it was ruined to some extent because it did not take long to realize that now two people who live here do not like young people. The 4th was one of those days I did not know if I was coming and going. Today, I am still not even sure which direction I am heading because the fear of the bastard and his so-called witch of a girlfriend have nothing better to do but lie and fib about the fact that I am the very one who is causing all the excessive noise when in reality the noise is coming from anywhere and my next door neighboy MY, another woman who loves to pound and make noise in the middle of the night because she can not sleep along with her cat who is so rambunctious and making a horrible mess in MY’s apartment. The noise will never end…never…as long as those three people, the bastard from hell, his girlfriend, and my next door neighbor who does not deserve her cat because she does not take care of it but yell at it all the time. I hate living here today and there is not going to be any happy medium in this place NEVER! What a bunch of babies and wusses around here! I wish this place was only a place for Christians and Christians alone but that is not the case now.

Living at TM now has becoming a very unhappy place and I want out of here but I won’t move because GC is anotoher place with its drama and crap too. I guess I will have to make the best of the worst.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. I am so sorry you have had to deal with this, especially on your birthday! Belated birhday wishes!

    I hope the Lord rectifies this situation for you. May he bless you is my prayer.


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