4th of July Celebration

I did not go see the fireworks this year and haven’t for a long time, but today we had a celebration for the 4th at our building. A few tenants, not many of course, had gotten together around the lunch hour for a potluck meal of grilled pork chops and steaks and snacks. For those who have attended had a good time but I do have to admit that I was pretty tired all day long, and later in the afternoon I had found out why … I had my monthly evil visitor, EWWW! Anyway, after potluck, I headed up to my place for the rest of the afternoon and night.

When it finally got dark outside, neighbors in our neighbor were shooting off fireworks until practically 11 p.m.. With all the trouble that has been going on around here, I wonder what my neighbor below me and his girlfriend were thinking of the fact the fireworks were going off until a late hour of the night. I could not go to bed until after the fireworks were finished so I got on my computer and did some surfing and writing.

Today was not a terrible day but I do have to admit that I am walking on eggshells.

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