What a Birthday it Turned Out to Be!

Today was my birthday and I do have to admit that it was almost entirely ruined after I had gotten back from running an errand with my cleaning lady. I was out in the lobby and the elevator door open and my friend and neighbor had come downstairs when I was heading on up to my apartment. In the office, a tenant was talking to the manager, and when I found out who it was, my heart turned to ice and my blood began to boil when my friend and neighbor was standing in the doorway. The very tenant started giving my friend an attitude and said that she and I have been making noises in my apartment and one of the comments that was made was the fact that we were rolling on the floor and pounding which had made my downstairs neighbor have to stay at her place from Wednesday before to today. The three bags in my left hand, my cane, and purse was beginning to be too much for me so I had rushed on up the elevator and dropped things off. By then, I was getting so mad that my blood in my body was about to boil and my heart was turning into sheer ice. Before heading downstairs again, I visited another neighbor and talked to her about was bothering me. My neighbor was proud of me for being angry and letting out my anger. After talking to my neighbor friend, I headed back downstairs and believe me, I was hurting and I wanted to cry hard by then. I had felt that my birthday was ruined and it was to some extent. Anyway, my birthday was not totally ruined as I thought it was because of the fact that I had my friend over for a while and we had P’zones for supper from Pizza Hut, and by then, the tears that wanted to be shed were drying up. I slept well that night knowing that the problems I was facing with this particular neighbor below me was going to be taken care of.

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