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In regards to the private post I had written yesterday, I do have to say thank you so much to SufferingServant and IamNina for their replies. I will write to SufferingServant an email shortly. Nina, I need to thank you for your thoughts because that is all I can do for my neighbor now is to pray. I am, in the meantime, keeping my distance from this neighbor for a while and will be civil to her in public. I do believe she is not feeling well and I also agree because she is not feeling well, her judgment and thinking may be a little cloudy right now but I can not too sure and assuming is no fun. Speculation is not good either. I do not want to assume anything because the facts are not all there right now and where I live today, at Teamster Manor Apartment Complex it has calmed down on the homefront for now … at least I think so … until last night when I had learned from a tenant that another tenant told her and this neighbor I am going to keep my distance from that I had yelled at this one tenant about her slamming the door … finding out that the tenant who called me last night and my neighbor next door I had gone to to ask her not to please slam her door kindly and did not yell at her, do have a problem with overexaggerating stories and fabricating things just to start rumors and gossip. Honestly, I am living in an apartment of babies and whiners and tenants who all have problems. I too have problems but from this day forward, I am asking everyone to please leave their problems at their door, mine is full, lol.

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