Reason for Excitement in the Air Today

Well my friends, I do have to admit that there was good reason to have excitement in the air today. My eye appointment went very well today … very well. My eyes have not changed in vision since last year and so I have another year with my glasses I had gotten last year. Also, seeing the doctor who did my eye surgery last month also was very impressed with the way the surgery took when he saw me after a month out since the surgery. When he walked into the room, Dr. G saw one smiling and very happy patient looking straight ahead at him with both eyes sparkling with delight and happiness. He looked at the back of the eyes and saw the stitches were completely gone and that everything looked good. After a little check up, I had asked him how long will my eyes stay straight and he told me in return that they will stay straight for a long time. I am ok with his way of thinking, too. I do not have to see Dr. G for six months from now, which makes it a long ways away according to my book but acceptable. I am very happy patient once more.

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  1. I think that is wonderful. I love how modern medicine can help so many people. DavidV is getting eye surgery on Aug 3 to remove extra skin around his eyes so he can see better.

    As for house cleaning, I can’t claim to even try to keep mine clean. I work so much lately all I do is clean the sheets and bathroom and do laundry. Heck, I haven’t even unpacked from my trip last week. Add the yard work on the weekends and I just feel like a pig lately. My daughter needed the money and I needed the help. It feels so good to have a clean house again.

  2. I wish I knew just what to say about your neighbor being so rude. I only know that you must be careful about trusting some folks. I can only advise you to pray for her, then you’ll begin to feel better, and maybe God will intervene in her life. Thanks so much for your sweet comment in my diary. And I am so excited about your eyes. I know you must really be enjoying your better vision. God has blessed you again.

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