DD being slow ?? Oh Well …

For the past few days now since I have been writing off and on in my journal and going to a friend’s journal, DD has been taking its time to load its pages. Why is that? Are there a lot of people on at the same time or is it my server being slow?? Oh well! Life seems to be living very slowly lately and I just do not know what to do with my slow life right now except live my life I do have and mind my own business. So what if DD is being slow loading its pages right now … I have been coming and going here for a long time now and who knows what my schedule will be like in a couple of days in my new class that starts on Tuesday morning.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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2 Responses to DD being slow ?? Oh Well …

  1. 02012000 says:

    Scream into a pillow if that helps, at least the sound is muffled that way.

    And with DD being slow, that’s one of the reason I switched to livejournal. I can get the same things there for free that I had to pay for a plus account here. And their service is more reliable. (http://mentalpause35.livejournal.com is where I am over there.)

  2. Britani18 says:

    I’m sorry to hear your having a bad day. It can be hard dealing with an emotional situation. Try reading the bible; I always find that reading Psalms when I’m very emotional seems to help. Pour your feelings out to God He’ll listen.


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