A Short Entry …. Sorry .. Why am I apologizing? LOL

Well, the month of September came and went so quickly. I am still, after all these years, still not used to the months have 30 or 31 days! LOL Anyway, today marks a sad day for many people because there was a death of a tenant who lived at TM for a couple of years or more (Time is not really known by many tenants) a week ago Friday and today was the memorial service for this tenant at one of our very popular cemetaries. Anyway, six of us from TM went to the memorial service and the service was beautiful. The sad part of it was the fact that other tenants who knew her better than me did not even plan on going to the memorial service and the lady who passed away did a lot for the other tenants and her life here was wonderful. Unfortunately cancer had taken this beautiful 70ish woman much quicker than the doctors had thought until after she started chemotherapy to help out and her blood oxygen levels were low and the levels would not come up. They (The doctors) found her cancer had been more advanced than they first thought. Today, and ever since this tenant’s death, I do know that she is in a better place now and God will be taking good care of her.

Also, today marks the tenth anniversary since my grandma (Grandma Fox) has passed away and tomorrow would have marked her 88th birthday if she was still alive.

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