Lies, Lies, and More Lies!

I do not know which direction to take anymore with my friend and neighbor. I love her with all my heart and yet have room for everyone else in my life and plenty of room for new friends to come into my life, which I have been noticing coming in at a fast but pleasant rate. My friend has lied so much now that I do not know what comes out of her mouth is true anymore. I have gotten my key back from this friend who says she feels naked without it, and my intentions of giving it back to her is not going to happen because of the fact that I am not going to allow her to cause trouble for herself and other people and if she gets herself into trouble, I am not going to cover her back when I know very well that what is being done wrong has its consequences. I have never covered my friend’s back unless I know the situation she has gotten herself in was true but if she ever lied to me, I do not protect her from the consequences because I am a firm believer if a person has done wrong, the paying of consequences are definitely needed. My friend’s parents, who I have great respect for, know that I will back their daughter up when it is appropriate but if she does anything morally wrong as well as criminally wrong, they will always have the truth come out of my mouth because I have learned what happens to liars and person who has paid the consequences from many groundings in my younger days. I will do what is right and go with my gut instinct and if my friend decides to lie to me, she will have to pay the consequences, and one of the consequences, from her lying to me again, is not to have the key back, this time not getting it back at all.

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  1. Your friend doesn’t need the key to your apartment. She can go to the library to use the internet like everyone else. You have the right to privacy and security of your own home.

    It’s hard to know what to do with some ‘friends’. We’re supposed to love them, support them, but don’t let them take advantage of your good nature.

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