A Different Tune

With all the time I have been talking about my issues with one certain friend the past few days, I do have to admit that I have forgot about the happier and better moments of my life. I am going to change tune here a little bit and tell you what happened on Sunday and Monday. Don’t worry anyone! It is good news … unless you think that speaking to your Godparents you have not spoken in a long time is not good news to you. Yes, that’s true. I spoke to my Godparents on Sunday and Monday. On Sunday I spoke to my Godmother and on Monday I talked to my Godfather. To give you a little insight, I wanted to let you know that my Godparents were once a married couple, husband and wife team until the year I graduated from high school. I had wonderful conversations with both of them. My Godmother does need prayers right now as she had found out last November that she needs a kidney transplant because the disease that she has had for a while now has destroyed her kidneys and now she is in need of a new kidney transplant. She is very hopeful so that is not the problem here. She is in good spirits as well. That is my Godmother! A fighter. My Godfather, who I have not spoken with but only once since my graduation from high school, seemed in happier and better spirits since I had spoken to him, and I am happy for him. I did not know until I had talked to him on Monday that the divorce hurt him very badly. Anyway, after speaking to both Godparents, my heart is singing a happy tune — a very happy tune.

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