I Did It … I Talked To My Friend About What is Bothering Me the Most!

Last night was one fairly good night. I can not really explain why except to say that I had spoken to my friend and told her how I felt about what was bothering me the most. What bothered me the most for a while now was the fact that she is an adult and the person she is in love with is yet a minor and if he ever came here and they fooled around, made out, or had any sexual contact, she could get into serious trouble with the authorities and it could violate her probation if her probation officer had that on her do’s and don’ts list. I also asked my friend if she would rather, if she got caught doing something illegal and the authorities had gotten involved and she had to pay the consequences, if she would rather have a true friend call the right people and say she is doing wrong or a total stranger. That same evening, feeling better and comfortable, I was able to sleep better and ever since.

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