Computers are being SLOW at the Library Today!!!!

I do not know what to think. Why do I even bother coming to the library to spend an hour and a half on the computer to have it run slow or boot me off! It drives me crazy!!!! I have no idea what to think anymore. Anyway, my friends, JS and JR, and I are at the library and time is just about up with our limit on line. My friend JS is having a field day with the computer she is using being so slow…… On top of that, Yahoo 360 is giving me a hard time!!!! What is wrong with Yahoo 360 today?! I do not have the patience today. I hate having PMS moments even when I don’t have my period! Frustration has set in today and it is making me feel a little off emotionally to the point that anything could set me off if I am not careful. I am a time bomb about ready to go off!!! Maybe coming to the library was a very bad idea today! Who knows!

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