Today of All Days

I really do have to admit that my day was going just fine until 10:30 a.m. this morning when the manager of the building had told me that she needed to speak to the both my friend and I who lives at Teamster Manor because of something important. I was in an emotional frenzy ever since and still feel awkward right now so my friends JS, JR, and I are at the library after going out to eat at Eagle Inn. I do have to admit that being at the library and away from TM for now really helps but the dreading to go back to the building is definitely looming not that far from now but I have my precious little boy Bing Crosby there waiting patiently for me to return home. I am returning back to the building not just because I live there but because I do have people there who I care deeply about and I will return to them anytime. I do have to admit that my world today is a little emotional and I just do not feel that great inside my head right now. It is the old vs the young again at Teamster Manor on thing and that one thing has been discussed with the manager this afternoon but believe me I wanted to scream, holler, and write a letter of my thoughts that it is not me who does not to get along with the elderly folk at TM believe me. I will get along with people, just ask my friend JS. We have known each other over a year now and we get along well and we are like sisters. The elderly do not know what to do but bitch and complain about anything and everything so they can try to get the young people kicked out of their space when the space does also belong to everyone.

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