Another UTI

I have another UTI and went to the doctor (emergency room) to get it checked out before it got any worse. This UTI is my 5th one this year and it is driving me crazy. What is wrong with my anatomy these days?! I used to get UTI’s all the time as a child and now again as an older adult, and they are driving me crazy having to be put on antibiotics all the time!!! YUCKY! When I shower and bathe, I make sure I am clean in the areas of my body and I do not take bubble baths often — only once in a great while. It is embarrassing to have UTI’s as they are uncomfortable and painful to the degree that sleep is very hard to find during that time of discomfort. I hate them with a passion. I don’t want anymore UTI’s this year or even next year!! I have a very busy life and my days and nights are not always in connection with other people getting me from one place to another!!! I hate it relying on people to get me from one place to another when I do not drive myself.

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