Got My Hair Done – Permed and Cut

My hair grows fairly fast and I have always had perms because my hair is fine and thin. That fine and thin hair comes from my mother’s mother side of the family, and that is one genetic trait I feel has been a curse of my life. My grandmother always had fine and thin hair and perms never held in her hair for very long, but in my fine and thin hair, perms have held for me. Anyway, a neighbor friend of mine and I went to her sister-in-law’s hair salon to have our hair done. I needed a hair cut badly enough that no more perm was in it and it was getting too long for me. My hair was permed and cut and when it was cut, it was done so shorter than my last perm and cut because it would be easier to take care of for a little longer. After our hair was done, we went to a restaurant nearby our apartment building and had lunch together chatting and having a fine time together. After lunch we ran a couple of errands to the video store and the Dollar General store and believe me, walking was difficult and a trying time for me. I want to get rid of my cane completely now and forever and forget about the cane but this wintry weather has been a pain in the butt for the past couple of days on my arthritic joints. By the time we got done running our errands after lunch, I was so glad to be home to take off my shoes and brace for the day and enjoy my time at home with my cat Bing Crosby before company hopped over for a couple of hours to use my computer and be my company for a while. Sleep has been hard to fine for the past couple of days and I am just ending an UTI and have been taking medication for it…drinking lots of water to flush out the infection along with the medication. This UTI is the fifth one I have had and I do not want anymore this year or next year but my anatomy is telling me differently these days, yuck!

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