I am still up and should have been in bed a long time ago. Anyway, I think I have gotten my second wind at the moment so I came here now and write some thoughts and then I am GOING TO BED. Yes it is late, and that is ok … have pulled all nighters many times in the past but not yet in 2008, thankfully. Anyway, since I am still up and getting tired, my fingers are becoming numb from taking medication to relax me and they are fighting a good fight while typing and pushing down the keyboard keys, so I know I am NOT going to be around too much longer tonight. It is already Wednesday morning and I have no major plans except a recertification with our on-site manager later in the day … yay! I am having some downtime right now in my mind while in thought of what happened earlier in the night before midnight rolled around. In my final blog yesterday I had written that my ex-friend called me a ding-a-ling in retrospect due to the fact that another friend had written about someone in my group of friends — my ex-friend is still a member of this little group, but she IS NOT my friend anymore. I do not want nothing to do with her anymore period and that is final. I hate her with a passion and I wish she would just grow up and let what happened go because I am NOT giving in to this person’s antics and continuous harassment even though the internet is a public place — just what she did has not been forgotten and forgiving is HARD TO DO RIGHT NOW because she continues her stupid antics of harassment trying to apologize because I personally think that if she did apologize, she would not mean one word of the phrase, “I am sorry.” She reminds of a couple of people who ARE NOT in my little group of friends. YES…I AM STILL UP, but now I am going to retire for the night, FINALLY. Good night all you DD friends of mine on my list who wants to be told that I have written a journal entry. GOOD NIGHT!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. Hey there, can you please tick the box in your friends’ list so I know when you’ve posted a new entry? Your diary doesn’t show up in the list of diaries updated in the last 24 hours because of the friends only entries 🙂

    Hope you got some sleep!

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