4:25 p.m.

Not much really has happened today except waking up around 11 a.m. from getting to sleep kind of late — about 1 a.m. this morning. All is fine at the moment, believe me. I did not do anything much today except lay in bed and watch Tru TV that was once Court TV. I have absolutely no idea as to why Court TV was changed to Tru TV but it is just as good and it is ok in my book and in my opinion. Bing Crosby and I have cuddled together and shared each other’s company while we relaxed and he catnapped, which he is still doing right on our bed, covered up underneath my bed sheet and blanket, that silly stinker! He’s Bing Crosby 100% that’s for sure. My friend KW called earlier to let me know that she was going to spend quality time with her husband this afternoon and watch a movie and will get back to me later … what a sweetheart for her to call and tell me that. I do not like calling her during her quality time with her hubby I tell ya. I am still in my pajamas, so today is considered my unofficial pajama day but I washed my dishes and hair, lol, not at the same time, read some of my book for enjoyment titled “Blue Dahlia” written by Nora Roberts. I can not really put the book down but have to in order to get other things done in my day which is a lazy day today. Did go to class for a little while a little bit ago and everything is going fine. I had gotten an email from my facilitator of the class I am taking that I have written a very good paper but there was constructive criticism right along with it which I am definitely fine with because I am a writer by heart and mind, better than I can speak my thoughts about anything. I do not know what I will be doing a half an hour from now but I do know that this unofficial pajama day is awesome so if I do not get back to my diary later today or tonight, I will do my very best to get back tomorrow or Monday. I better go for now and do my lazy day thing, lay back down on the bed, lol. See all of my DD friends later. Good bye for now…

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