No Ill Affects From Yesterday’s Deleting a So-Called Friend From Yahoo 360 and Myspace, and YM

I have no ill affects of deleting this one girl from YM, Yahoo 360, and Myspace. Seriously! I did not cry over it either, even though I did fume about what she had said to me for a few minutes. Yes, I was hot, and yes, I decided to delete this person from my life as far as communication is concerned between the two of us. This girl can bark to anyone she wants about what I did but I no longer have to read her complaints and her drama in her Yahoo 360 blog anymore because I choose not too. Life is too short to have such unstable people in my life. I have goals to reach and those goals I have are going to be reached one way or another by me. No more of this girl in my book. One friendship was seriously evaluated and taken care of and now is gone so now that makes two friendships deleted and gone. No one is going to be sitting around and saying that I am making lousy excuses just so I won’t come to or go to a party! My true friends know and understand or also tell me it is my choice and leave it at that. Woo hoo, no more DC! I am so glad to have her deleted from my life.

Speaking of deleting this friendship I deleted yesterday … that is another big burden off my shoulders and it is going on 8:30 p.m. Monday evening CST, and I am tired and ready for bed.

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