Where Did My Week Go?

Where in the world did my week go? It is already Thursday evening and the night is closing in on Friday very fast here. The way this week went, it went by fast, and I did not do anything special this week that has been different from weeks previously spent. As a matter of fact, I believe my week should have gone much slower, but I guess anything is possible no matter which direction we go. The week did go by very quickly and I should be arguing or debating that point, should I? Friday is going to be here sooner than we really know it, whether we are awake or asleep by that time.

Anyway, this week has been one week worth reflecting upon so far. Today did go a little bit unexpected because nothing serious was planned except attending class on line a while to get some homework finished, but what I wanted to do for my Saturday homework did not get done yet. Another day of procrastination took over on me. Bing and I cuddled and snuggled quite a bit already today and I have a feeling that snuggling and cuddling for the day is not quite over yet — knowing Bing.

I am expecting my neighbor friend from down the hall to get home for the evening because she has to pick up her basket of laun/dered items before heading home for the rest of the evening, so I am going to wait up for her before saying good night to Thursday for the night. My neighbor friend, a sweetheart she is had asked me to get her laundry from the laundry room this evening because she was heading out for a while and I had no problem doing that favor for her at all. she does not ask me to do anything for her very often so when she does, she gives me the opportunity to help her and do what I am good at doing by helping myself. My neighbor friend is a sweetheart!

After she leaves, I have no idea what I am going to be doing because I am not yet very tired and willing to go to bed. I have showered and got into clean pajama clothes for the night, did some homework, and then helped my neighbor friend grab her laundry out of the dryer for to pick up here at my home later when she gets home from her escape from Teamster Manor for a while. Tomorrow, Friday, we are going to have lunch together out so both of us will be escaping Teamster Manor for a while then unless plans change for either one of us in the meantime.

Friday is coming very quickly and I have a feeling I am going to be up to see Friday come into play. Yay!

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