Still Awake But I Am Ok ….

It is 1247 a.m., Friday morning, and I am still wide awake but almost barely, lol. I am finally finding sleep but not tired enough yet … almost though, yay. So I did see Friday come into play tonight. I wonder how many sleepless nights othe neighbors are having tonight? Who cares, right? I do care that people can not find sleep but I do have to admit that I am having one of my sleepless nights right now but sleep is soon to be found. I am not going to be up til 4 a.m. this morning but it might happen. I have a lunch date with a neighbor friend of mine to celebrate her 25th birthday coming up in a bit so I really need to be awake for that. Staying up late and sleeping in does need to stop here. How in the world am I going to be able to function in the working world if I do not get the sleep I really need? I won’t have a job if I do not get my sleeping patterns back on track!! This stupid depression needs to disappear soon because I have had it with this stupid depression, too. I am ok though. I know I am dealing with some very serious trust issues right now and having the wintry weather we have been having goes to prove that depression has hit its mark on top of the anxiety I have dealt with on top of depression recently. Also, Bing being a cat, is being a little white/blue eye stinker right now. Kids, lol. I am ok, though. I have seen better days but not too recently, but I have seen better days. I am waiting for my antivirus program to finish scanning so. I will be up a little longer yet. My computer’s antivirus program had found a security risk and I believe I have removed that security risk and so I am waiting for those results to pop up and give me the play by play results so to speak. Right now I am listening and watching Law & Order which is one of my favorite programs that my mother got me watching a couple of years ago while visiting New Mexico at the time. My mom and I have similar tastes as well as the same tastes in television programing. Because I am not pay,ing too much attention to the show, thankfully I recorded it, it does not make a whole lot of sense because I am paying too much attention — duh, I just said that beforehand! How silly I am right now, lol. My Tylenol Pm is kicking in because typing has become a chore instead of a joy. lol … making many mistakes in my typing right now, lol. I think I better quit while I am ahead. Good night for now. I will be back later in the day sometime.

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