A Good Day

Today has been a very good day. The only bad part of my early morning was the fact that I had fallen out of bed and have a bruise on my left side hip so my hip smarts a good smart off and on — at least until I took a couple of Tylenol less that an hour or so. I have been, since this past weekend sleeping better without the need to have medicine to relax me. I had talked to a good friend of mine last night on the phone about what was said by another friend and we got that situation cleared up within minutes. I love it when someone is told something and the context of what was told in the first place gets taken out of context and said differently. Yes, I am referring to the girl who I am friendly with now and not as close as I once was after December 21st when I was attacked in my own home. JS had taken something out of context of what JR had said last week, and yes, it bothered me to be either lied to or the truth was not told entirely. Yes, JS has a problem with either lying or not telling the entire truth. After talking to JR about what was said last week, I realized that I felt better. Anyway, getting back to today, I am feeling like today was a good day all day long.

For the first time in a week, almost two now, I fired up my IBM laptop and got my Norton Antivirus program on it updated and I have been on it all day long off and on — soon to be shutting it down for the night though. I prefer my Mac over my IBM laptop anyway now-a-days, and it is surely different but a good different. I just wanted to sit in my recliner for awhile today because my left hip smarts a bit now and then. Today has been a good day all day long, though.

Later days!

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