Excuse Me For Swearing But I Am Pissed Off

You got that right – I am pissed off right now and I have been since last night. I do not expect to get an apology from someone either in regards to the comment a person made last night either — especially when it came to my body odor. The way this girl handled it, it was embarrassing and I am still pissed off about it. And yet, I do not expect an apology, either. Two witnesses were there and heard what was said, and one of the witnesses said it was not right how Lori handled it was inappropriate — she should have taken me aside and told me I had body odor instead of walking out of the community room kitchen saying that she could smell me all the way from the kitchen to where I was standing out loud for me and two other tenants to hear … those tenants being my friends, neighbors, or not. I was hurt and the tears wanted to come down my face and I wanted to scream at her, this girl, that she was one big fat cow because she is so fat but knowing that walking out would have been better, which I did. JS called out while I walked out the community room to the elevator to get back to my place, “are you going to be alright?” I had called back out, in a tone of voice that sounded hurt and was about to cry, “I will live.” the manager figured something unpleasant happened and I had to walk out so I would not say anything I would later regret. When the manager had found out what happened, she was not too happy about it herself, and she called the tenant on her inappropriateness of smelling me from the kitchen doorway to where I was standing, along with the fact that this very tenant got hell and back by the other two tenants that heard her. I had even gotten a call from the manager, who was checking up on me because she got wind of it at the end and figured something unpleasant happened and talked to the tenant about it. The manager, which she had the right, told the tenant that she apologize to me, but I told the manager that I was not going to even get an apology and she never even apologized to me for what happened on New Years Eve when this tenant, JS, and CD came up and blew their party favors at my door out of spite. Also, this very tenant we were speaking of, has hurt me more than once and put all the blame onto me and never once did I get an apology ever from this girl.

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2 Responses to Excuse Me For Swearing But I Am Pissed Off

  1. You were the better person so be proud of it! Don’t be embarrassed – geez we all stink now and then so: so what?

    See, no one thought anything at all about her comment except it was inappropriate. Laugh it off – and go reward yourself with a treat for behaving so well in such a catty situation 🙂

    Whatever you do, don’t play the victim….

  2. Jamisinc says:

    You have a right to be angry. That was so rude.


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