Today … March 6

Well my friends, today was a busy day and I want to say thank you for the comments that were left on my entry for yesterday, and i want to say that everyone has their opinion and no hard feelings here at all … I am still a little po’d about what was said to me yesterday but I am feeling a little better about it. Yesterday was one of my not so good days and so my cleanliness was a little off and I had body odor. Yes, the timing of the girl was inappropriate but I do have to admit that my feelings were deeply hurt. I do not think she would have liked it if someone saw her and called out that she was big as a cow, and if someone did do that I would expect her to walk out hopping mad believe me. I did do the right thing walking out. I do have to say that my past history of body odor has been worse off than this but the inappropriateness of how it was handled last night was bad enough and embarrassing. I had health problems in the past and I still do. I just had a bad day yesterday.

Today I went to my counseling appointment at 1 p.m.. My back aches something awful … don’t know what I did other than sleep wrong or lifted something more than I should have, oops. After my appointment, my friend who bought the desk from me came over and took the desk and now I have my computer set up on the kitchen table that is temporarily in the livingroom until I get my desk and my friend can set it up.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. mamallama says:

    RYC – Yes. Poof! Gone.

    Pretty diary!

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