Got My New Desk … A Discontinued Desk That Is…

Ok, I did get my desk that I had wanted and paid for … at least the majority of it except the $72.09 portion of it until this afternoon. Anyway, Office Max, a place I would recommend others to shop at if other people have an Office Max store near by other than Janesville, Wisconsin. The manager, the one had spoken on the phone the past couple of days – yesterday and today – and had the pleasure of meeting this afternoon when she and another Office Max employee (I had met on Monday). The desk I had ordered was, as both the manager and I learned, was a discontinued item so I ended up getting the floor model after all. Under the circumstances of transportation issues, the manager and another employee took down the desk, put it in the managers Explorer and brought it over to me, and put the desk together again — now in my kitchen temporarily — for now until tomorrow or Sunday afternoon. I got a discontinued desk and the desk that I would have supposedly ordered would have been the wrong desk if I did not call Office Max’s warehouse the other day and explained what was going on. From Wednesday afternoon to today, I had gotten the desk that I wanted along with a delivery that came from the heart of two people who I will never forget. I got the desk I wanted … and I got the last one that will ever be sold in Office Max’s store maybe ever again.

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