A Wonderful Feeling

Yesterday the desk was delivered and put together and today the desk has been put where I want it so now it is out of the kitchen and my apartment/house is getting back to order. One night in the kitchen made the desk look huge and I mean huge! Now with the desk where it is now, the desk is still kind of big but smaller than my last desk but not so huge. It fits perfecting where it is at now, and as a matter of fact, I had to move the bed has been moved to against the wall. Yes, I sleep in the living room because the room is bigger and the air circulates better out here than the living room, All the stuff that was put in the recliner and in my clean clothes laundry basket has been put away/ I just have one more bin to go through, yay! The kitchen table is back where it should be, the desk is where it should be, and my apartment is back in order for the most part now. That is a wonderful feeling! Oooh, do I ever love my new desk … discontinued item or not … I love it! I just love my desk, and I am grateful for what Office Max did for me.

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