Today — Out For A While

A good friend of mine and I are out and about today and one of the places we have stopped at is the library. Yep, that is where we are at right now anyway. After the library, we are going to get a bite to eat somewhere. I just had to get out of the building away from the same for walls I have seen for the longest time, and it sure does feel good being out and about for awhile right now. Anyway, today marks a very special day for me – twenty years ago I had my kidney transplant. Amazing, huh? I think so, too. Enough of that…I mentioned something about it on the 10th of March so I really do not need to write about it again, do I? I do know that I have to write a story for one of my DD friends here to give to her friend and I will be writing it real soon.

Today I am in one of my moods — wanting to have time with my friend who is with me right now alone as I have not seen her a while and we have not talked on the phone much lately. I am in one of my moods I can not quite explain but that’s okay because I think it is spring fever on top of it. My apartment is in order now and the new desk I was so excited about is in its place now and my living room quarters is nice and more airy. As a matter of fact I heard a little echo in my living room today while I was talking to Bing, my precious white kitty cat I have had for over a year now. I did not hear an echo in my apartment in a long time, lol … the desk is smaller and nicer, so there is more space in the living room and the bed, and yes I sleep out in the living room, has been moved against the wall. I seem to ALWAYS fall out of bed on the left side so now that side of the bed is against the wall, unless I decide to sleep at the foot of the bed like I did last night and no, I didn’t fall out of bed — just made an observation.

Today I am so glad I got out of the apartment for a while. When I get back, I will be picking up a little bit as I am on a roll with cleaning up my place. It is looking good!

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2 thoughts on “Today — Out For A While”

  1. Congratulations on a momentous occasion!!

    One of my close friends used to sleep on her couch rather than in the bed. She bought it brand new and never used it. She said that she had always preferred the couch.

    Have a great day!

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