Going to a Dinner/Theater Show

“All Shook Up”

Today I am going to a dinner/theater with a group of people from IDS (Independent Disabilities Services) to the Armory, a place that was turned into a Dinner/Theater place about three years ago. We are going to go see the program “All Shook Up” andhear many of Elvis’ songs. I am so excited about going but I can’t tell you about the musical play at the moment because I have not seen it yet. IDS is taking a bunch of us clients to the program as one of our monthly outings and many of us are very excited about going. I am all dressed up for the dinner/theater show and wondering what it is going to be like comparing it to Fort Atkinson’s Fireside dinner/theater show. I will, when I have a moment, write about my personal experience of “All Shook Up” as soon as I can…I promise.

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