A Moment in Time

Here I am again … just blogging … just writing. Not much really going on. Got dressed a few minutes ago. Yes, I am lazy as usual on a Sunday late morning early afternoon. No pajama day today all day long … was smelling a little ripe, lol, and I took care of that problem immediately. Anyway, nothing on television right now and that is no big deal. I am watching “The Bad Girls Club” for the very first time – a reality show that is kind of interesting but it reminds me too much like high school where girls bicker and complain about everything from laziness to who does what and does not do what. It is a crazy program but I can see those people who do like reality shows like “The Bad Girls Club” and get something out of it. A couple of shows I have watched so far have been interesting and ok, but this kind of program is not my type of show to watch every week or everyday. It is like many people do not care for “American Idol” and I enjoy that show every week. No argument wanted. So this moment in time is that I am getting ready for my day and I am dreading for the late afternoon part of my day because I do not want to see a particular someone right now. Anyone who cops an attitude for any reason is one person I want to stay away from for a few days … seriously. This girl is going to have to listen to her MP3 player songs that are on there for now. I am not wanting company today. I am becoming the “B” from hell because I am expecting my monthly in a few days — hopefully! Yes, I am the “B” from hell today — moody, whiny, and just uncomfortable. Dang! I AM in NO MOOD to be dealing with other people’s bull today or tomorrow or ever. It just seems like I get sucked into other peoople’s crap sometimes especially when I have told people to stop talking about their crap in front of me. Yes, this person is a liar and she has been caught in many lies this past week. I hate people like that…I really do…and this person professes to be a Christian? NOT! Right now I am torn with my feelings … majorly … because my hormones are beginning to rise.

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