Today Was Not Too Bad

Well, what can I say about today?? I do have to admit that today was not too bad. Yes, I have been feeling a little down and out but today was craft day at Teamster Manor where I live and I went to craft day and worked on painting a ceramic sleeping kitty. The ceramic sleeping kitty was painted once before so I painted the entire ceramic all white today and will begin painting the rest of the kitty, the flowers and pots, and the grass as if from scratch. I had fun during ceramic kitty, though. I do have to admit that, if the manager did not call me to say that it would be good therapy being downstairs during craft day, I believe I would have fallen asleep watching television and snuggling with Bing all afternoon at home alone. Yes, I feel that I am on the way to melting down and not wanting to be disturbed! Listening to the manager’s thoughts about joining craft day, I did not argue the point and did have fun for the two hours. I am forever grateful for the manager to have taken the time to call and get me motivated. The Do Not Disturb sign is out on my door right now so I will not be bothered so on Wednesday I will not be bothered by anyone except for those who have permission to ignore the sign if they need me. Even my telephone is turned off right now so I can not be bothered. Even my cell phone is shut off. I have to do laundry tomorrow — o but’s about it…that’s for sure. Anyway, today was not too bad. However, I did wait until my friend Kelly called me before shutting off my telephone. Hearing from Kelly was a vital part of my day today — this evening.

Bing has been a good “big” boy all day long. He cuddled with me most of the evening and gave me his time and attention at the same time I was giving him time and attention too. I am emotional right now for some reason and I can not explain the reason…just emotional. What a whirl I am in right now.

The downstairs neighbor, thankfully, is moving out this week so I will not have anymore problems with him after the beginning of April. The neighbor downstairs I can not explain anything but I do have to admit that I am glad he is moving out of here. He was not a pleasant man at all.

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