The Rest of My Day

Ok, my day was fairly quiet and nothing really got done, lol. I was planning on doing my laundry today but it never got done, oops! LOL. Better get to it tomorrow whether or not I like it. Seeing the same four walls from day to day gets to me anyway and today was just a low day for me. From sleeping until 1 p.m. this afternoon and then had company for a minute or two was not too bed, but honestly sleeping half of my day away was probably needed. Did it and have done it many times before. Just a low key day for me along with staying in my pajamas or more so slept in the clothes I wore yesterday all night and today. Was not planning on going anywhere anyway. Today was me day. Had to have a me day and forget about the world outside my apartment for the most part. Planning on taking down my Melt down sign later and tomorrow I will go back to the real world tomorrow. Strangely enough, no nap was needed but took one anyway, lol. Bing and I snuggled for over three hours today and it was a moment in time my heart can only record and no camera can really capture except for the cuteness of the two sleeping beings in bed for over an hour. I remember holding Bing before I had fallen asleep and when I was startled awake by a phone call making my phone ring, I was still holding Bing so Bing and I have cuddled the entire time we slept, and I have found that very different from my original routine of the day. It was a wonderful, though. Will it happen again? I have no idea really. Bing is always full of surprises. He was so darn cute! Way to go, Bingie boy, mama loves you a lot.

Moodiness has come into play today so my calls have been limited as well as the calls that came in today were also limited. I am very picky who I talk to during my moodiness, and today I spoke only to a couple of people — one on the phone and one in the building otherwise everyone left me alone. Today was a day of me time and me time alone. I wonder what tomorrow will bring other than laundry and getting back to my routine of life outside my own apartment for the day. The neighbor down below me will not be causing no more trouble for me because he is no longer living here – thank goodness — he was a trouble maker and caused some problems while living here so the apartment below me will be vacant for a while. With this neighbor being gone, I can breathe normally again and anxiousness will not be so much. Good riddance for bad company being gone! Yes, I am very moody today — more so than I have been a while — depression playing its ugliness in my life right now.

Tomorrow is going to be a better day for me … hopefully!!!

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