Bing is Missed, He is Doing Fine as of 6 p.m., He Gets to Come Home Tomorrow

I do have to admit that today I just about decided not to write a journal entry but after some rest I decided to go for it anyway. I have been tired all day long — my body not allowing me to do much because I am so tired — and I did not sleep very well last night because I did not want to leave Bing at the vet all day and all night. Yes, Bing is missed today — very much so missed and I cannot lie about my inner feelings about the emptiness of my home without him. It does not feel like a death like when Emilee died but an emptiness that can not be explained quite yet and tomorrow afternoon after 2 p.m. that emptiness will be filled once again with Bing back home.

Bing had his de-clawing procedure before 11 a.m. and when I called at 12 noon he had done well and that he was groggy and coming out of the stuff that they used to knock him out for the procedure — sorry can not spell the word, lol — can only say it, lol. I called again at 2 p.m.. 4 p.m.., and 6 p.m., and he was still doing good. At 6 p.m. I had gotten the answer I was expecting — he went potty in his littler box and that made me happy. Tomorrow, before picking him up, I will have to get his littler box here at home prepared for him — no litter for a few days — only paper (shredded) and oatmeal, and some pain medication will be sent home with him when I pick him up.

I am missing Bing tonight but I will manage. Yes, I was anxious and worried all day long, and now Bing’s mommy is exhausted. I think I will be retiring to bed.

Another update tomorrow after Bing comes home.

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3 thoughts on “Bing is Missed, He is Doing Fine as of 6 p.m., He Gets to Come Home Tomorrow”

  1. Wow bing is beautiful and i know what you mean about your pets. We lost our chi/yorkie last Nov. and i’m still grieving for her after 13 years she was like another child to us…not that the children would not have been missed but my hubby said if they had behaved as well as her we would have had more of them lol! So glad the cat is going to be fine and now mommy can get some much needed rest !!! Sleep well my friend

  2. I am glad he is doing well but poor kitty! He must hurt 🙁

    I would worry sick if my Patches was overnight at the vet too. She would hate it. I love her like my own baby. I heard cats can’t be declawed when they are older. So is bing an older kitty? My kitty could use to be declawed. She is ruining my furniture 🙁

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