Bing Is Home, Happy, and Good

Bing was able to come home before 2 p.m., and now that he is home, he is happy, resting, and being a good ol’ cat. He was mad at me for a while and moving his litter box made him not too happy so I made sure it was okay to move it back to where it was. He told me he did not like it there! Silly cat, but okay. He looks like he is in some discomfort more so than in pain. After e got over being mad at me, he gave me a Bing kiss, and jumped onto the bed and laid against one of my pillows. Bing does NOT sleep on pillows … he lays against them like we humans do. Cute cat. I am glad that he is home. I understand that he is home, resting, and good. I was told to limit his jumping up and down but right now Bing is self-limiting right ow/today. I think Bing wants me to lay with him now so I am going to go for now. Be ack later.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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