Today was not a bad day. Actually it was a very nice day and now at 8:15 p.m., I am tired and ready to go to sleep, Bing is sleeping right now and his ideas sounds wonderful for me as well. It is not late, no, but I am tired for once. Anyway, the internet on a couple of sites that I commonly visit on a daily basis are not working properly for me now so it is best to shut down shop for the night and go relax and go t sleep. I can barely keep my own brown eyes open or type without making fewer mistakes. I think I am going to go for the night and get back to all of my friends tomorrow, the 15th. Good night everyone!

Update on Bing —- good, going strong, and doing just fine.

Author: ksmiley

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2 thoughts on “Today”

  1. Great kitty pics… I especially like the pose in the second one!

    Good to hear that Bing is doing well.

    Do you ever wonder whether cats are space aliens and we’re their slaves?

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