Better Write Before the Day Becomes April 16

I have to admit that I thought I had written another entry before this one but I didn’t, oops! That is what happens when you have gotten busy or plain forgot to save it! Another oops! LOL. It is 11:30 p.m. and I am heading to bed after I finish writing here but I wanted to say hello and good night to all my DD friends and other readers here at DD. Bing is doing great! I know he is getting sick and tired of the shredded paper as his litter for now until Thursday morning because he just does not the pan liner in the litter box. He told me so this morning when he jumped into the litter box and just howled his cat howl of displeasure for the second time sine he has been home from his declawing procedure. Poor Bing, but only one more full day and as of Thursday morning, he is going back to Tidiy Cats Litter. Otherwise Bing is back to himself and he is doing great!!!! Love him so much, and thank you so much for all your prayers for him and for my personal prayers as well. It really means a lot to me.

I have a cold and it really stinks because Spring colds for me and for many other people are harder to get rid of! Phooey sticks, lol.

GN everyone!

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  1. I always hate spring colds too. Just when the weather is getting warmer and things are looking promising, you get stuck with a cold that won’t go away. Hope you feel better soon and glad to hear that Bing is back to his old self!

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